Conversations With God Kit

Conversations With God Kit

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Unfortunately, among many Christians today, prayer is more assumed than achieved; it is more preached than practiced. Prayer is too often reserved for crises, rather than done in the sphere of everyday life. Many churches today have been duped into believing that plans, programs, organizations, personal skills, or charisma may be substituted for prayer. Not so! There is no substitute for prayer.

Conversation is a natural part of life, but most people think communication with God through a vibrant life of prayer isn't possible or is only for "super Christians."

Conversation with God shares spiritual insights and provides a clear path for all people to experience a deeper relationship with God through prayer. You can walk with the Father more intimately than ever before.

Conversation with God will help you to:

  • Know the voice of God through constant conversation. 
  • Participate with God in his love and work for humanity. 
  • Recognize God's daily presence in your life and commune with him. 
  • Surrender your needs to God. 
  • Pray for the hurting, addicted, lonely, broken, hopeless, and lost.

This resource kit comes with:

  • 8 copies of the book, Conversation With God.
  • 6 downloadable sermon outlines built on the book's content and theme
  • The downloadable Spirit-Empowered Faith set, which also includes: 40 Outcomes of a Spirit-Empowered Faith; a self-assessment tool to measure the 40 outcomes in you and others; and a 12-week sermon series on Spirit-empowered faith that could be used as sermons, teaching notes, a small group leaders guide, or simply supplemental material.

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