Hope-filled Living Course - Facilitator's Kit

Hope-filled Living Course - Facilitator's Kit

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  • Hope-Filled Living Facilitator’s Guide (on Teachable)
  • 6 Hope-Filled Living interactive video sessions (on Teachable)
  • Digital Growth plans and Assessments
  • How to Address 22 Small Group Challenges PDF (on Teachable)
  • Helpful Hints for Connecting with Unchurched Participants PDF (on Teachable)
  • Hope-filled Living social media and promo files (on Teachable)
  • Generic certificate template for workshop/course/class completion (on Teachable)
  • Registration code for discounted continuing education opportunities with GCN


Hope is: Yearning for something possible, but is not yet certain. We all know the COVID-19 crisis, social and political tensions, plus many other stressors leave us in the midst of turbulent times. Where do we find hope? How do we preserve and protect our emotional health? This course is designed to provide practical tools to cultivate hope, peace, and well-being. Hope is a choice. We can increase it. this course shows you how!

Topics Covered:

  • Session 1—Me Managing Me! Beginning with My Hope-filled Thinking
  • Session 2—Relate and Don't React
  • Session 3—Cultivating Gratitude Reduces Stress
  • Session 4—Don't Ride the Roller Coaster of Life Alone
  • Session 5—Caring Connections Brings the Hope of Improved Relationships
  • Session 6—Practicing Kindness Reduces Stress