IMAGINE - Empowered by Gratitude Course - Facilitator's Kit

IMAGINE - Empowered by Gratitude Course - Facilitator's Kit

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  • Imagine: Empowered by Gratitude Facilitator’s Guide
  • 6 Imagine: Empowered by Gratitude videos
  • Digital Growth Plans and Assessments
  • How to Address 22 Small Group Challenges PDF
  • Introductory Training for Facilitators PowerPoint
  • IMAGINE social media and promo files
  • Registration code for discounted continuing education opportunities with GCN

Moving from Institutional to Missional churches.

Course CONTENT includes:

  • Moving your church from institutional to missional.
  • Six indicators of: Your church might be institutional if…
  • Guiding leaders through times of rapid change.
  • Deepening gratitude in life and ministry.
  • Living grateful in a world of entitlement.

This IMAGINE six-session course is one of our online digital discipleship courses designed to see churches:

  1. Grow younger.
  2. Look more like their neighborhoods.
  3. Pass on faith to next generations.
  4. Engage more believers in missional living outside the four walls of the church.
  5. Re-define the church's image as "people who care."