Living Naked by Jeff Bogue

Living Naked by Jeff Bogue

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Do you sometimes feel unsure of where your life is going?

Do you wonder what the deeper meaning in life is all about?

Would you like to trade an ordinary existence for an extraordinary life?

We are the most professionally resourced culture in the history of humanity, yet many of us still feel disconnected and wonder if our lives can really count for something. Jeff Bogue wondered the same thing. He wanted what most of us to be loved and accepted, to be acknowledged for his accomplishments, and to feel significant for being part of something bigger than himself. But no matter what Jeff did, all that eluded him. That is, until he uncovered the secret to an extraordinary life - living naked.

  • LIVING NAKED can free you to be yourself without the fear of rejection.
  • LIVING NAKED can break down the barriers to true intimacy between you and others.
  • LIVING NAKED can unleash the power to become something and do things that can only be described as extraordinary.
  • LIVING NAKED is how God has called you to live.

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